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Schmitt Trigger

Schmitt trigger optocouplers have a light emitting diode and an integrated high-speed detector mounted and coupled in a miniature custom package. The light from the light emitting diode is collected by the photodiode in the integrated detector. The integrated detector incorporates a Schmitt trigger, which provides hysteresis for noise immunity and pulse shaping, and an open collector output. Typical propagation delay of this product is 170 ns. The common mode transient immunity is greater than 1000 V/uS.

Packaging Description Product Datasheet
Packaging Hermetic Surface Mount OLF600 * PDF
Packaging Miniature for hybrid assembly OLI600 * PDF
Packaging Hermetic Surface Mount - 6 pin LCC 1 2 OLS600 * PDF
Packaging Hermetic - 8 pin dip 1 2 OLH6000/6001 * PDF

* Radiation Tolerant
1 For solder dip, add "-1".
2 For tape and reel, add "-2". For solder dip & tape and reel , add "-3".