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Photovoltaic optocouplers consist of a pair of light emitting diodes optically coupled to a dielectrically isolated photovoltaic diode array. When the LED is energized, the infrared emission is detected by the photovoltaic array and a DC output voltage is generated. This electrically isolated voltage can be used to drive the gates of MOS devices.

Packaging Description Product Datasheet
Packaging Miniature (0.095" x 0.170" x 0.085") OLI910 PDF
Packaging Miniature surface mount OLI920 PDF
Packaging Hermetic Surface Mount - 6 pin LCC 1 2 OLS910 PDF
Packaging Hermetic - 8 pin dip 1 2 OLH910 PDF

1 For solder dip, add "-1".
2 For tape and reel, add "-2". For solder dip & tape and reel , add "-3".