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Low Input Current PhotoDarlington

Low input current photodarlington optocouplers have high current transfer ratio at very low input currents making them ideal for applications such as MOS, CMOS, and low power logic interfacing or RS-232C data transmission systems. Each unit has a light emitting diode and an integrated photodiode-darlington detector IC mounted and coupled in a miniature custom substrate for hybrid assembly or in hermetically sealed packages. The darlington detector has an integrated base-emitter resistor for superior high temperature performance. The split darlington design permits lower output saturation voltage and higher switching speed operation than possible with conventional photodarlington design.

Packaging Description Product Datasheet
Packaging Miniature for hybrid assembly

OLI400 *


Packaging Hermetic Surface Mount - 6 pin LCC 1 2

OLS400 *


Packaging Hermetic Surface Mount -? 8 pin flat pack 1 2

OLF400 *


Packaging Hermetic - TO-51

OLH400 *


Packaging Hermetic - 8 pin dip 1 2



Packaging Hermetic Dual Channel - 8 pin dip 1 2

OLH5730 /5731*


* Radiation Tolerant
1 For solder dip, add "-1".
2 For tape and reel, add "-2". For solder dip & tape and reel , add "-3".