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High Speed Switching, CMR and Logic Gate

High speed switching, high CMR, logic gate optocouplers are suitable for high-speed digital interfacing applications, elimination of ground loops and input/output buffering. Each unit has a light emitting diode and an integrated high-speed detector mounted and coupled in a miniature custom ceramic package providing 1500 Vdc electrical isolation between input and output. The light from the light emitting diode is collected by the photodiode in the integrated detector and amplified by a high gain linear amplifier that drive a Schottky clamped open collector output transistor. Typical propagation delay of this product is 60 ns. The internal shield improves common mode transient immunity to 1000 V/is minimum.

Packaging Description Product Datasheet
Packaging Miniature for hybrid assembly

OLI500 *


Packaging Hermetic Surface Mount - 6 pin LCC 1 2

OLS500 *


Packaging Hermetic Surface Mount -? 8 pin flat pack 1 2

OLF500 *


Packaging Hermetic - TO-51

OLH500 *


Packaging Hermetic - 8 pin dip 1 2

OLH5600/5601 *


Packaging Hermetic Dual Channel - 8 pin dip 1 2

OLH5630/5631 *


* Radiation Tolerant
1 For solder dip, add "-1".
2 For tape and reel, add "-2". For solder dip & tape and reel , add "-3".