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Isolink's mission is to provide products and services to the high reliability, military, aerospace, hybrid, industrial, medical and telecommunications markets. We specialize in the manufacture of high-performance miniature hybrids and hermetically sealed devices. The company pioneered the miniaturization of some of the most advanced optoelectronic components. Our expertise in optoelectronic components enables us to make high quality products that achieve high isolation voltages, a hallmark of Isolink's products is high common mode rejection and radiation tolerance for high demand.

Standard Products

Isolink offers a variety of package types. Our package selection includes the OLI miniature series specially designed for hybrid applications, the 8-pin flat pack, the OLH hermetic series in TO-5, the OLS miniature / leadless chip carrier (LCC) hermetic surface mount, and the OLF hermetic surface mount and the sidebrazed DIP.

Our standard products include:

Custom Solutions

Isolink offers a variety of custom products to meet customers' specific needs.

Our custom products include:

  • Optoswitches for miniature gyroscopes
  • Emitter/detector arrays for medical, radiation, and therapy equipment
  • Digital filters for secured data transmission
  • Multi-wavelength emitter arrays
  • Optical encoders for precision motor control
  • High isolation voltage optical couplers
  • Application specific value-added optical components

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